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Giving Back

Vance Kitira International draws inspiration from the community and world around us, inspiring us to give back. We integrate ethics, community engagement, and sustainable practices into our core values. At Vance Kitira, we use our influence to contribute to a better world.

2006 - 2009/ 2024

Block Tables

Inspired by his own children's educational experiences in the United States, Vance recognized the importance of learning through play for preschoolers. With the assistance of Living Concepts, his family's factory in Thailand, Vance developed a block table suitable for young children. The first block table was donated to Tuxedo Park School (NY) in May 2006, followed by donations to Village School in Waldwick, NJ, and an orphanage in Thailand.

In 2024, Vance plans to expand his efforts by donating 40 block tables to promote learning and creativity. He firmly believes that education can change a child's life and sees providing this opportunity as fulfilling his commitment to building strong communities and sustainable environments through human creativity. This project, along with our dedication to producing eco-friendly candles, is an integral part of how Vance Kitira contributes to a more sustainable and caring world.


Recycled Wax

Eddie has been with us since 1993 and has now retired to his hometown in Nothern Thailand, Chiang Mai. Even after all this time, Eddie still has a joy for candle-making. He collects recycled wax from our factory to make thousands of candles which he donates to Buddhist monks, the steady flame helping them to meditate.

1992      2016

Planting Trees

Vance Kitira has always had a deep love of nature and forestry and because of this, he purchased 40 acres in Northern Thailand in 1992 and planted 400,000 Teak seedlings. We are proud to announce the "Vance Kitira Community Reforestation Project" beginning in 2016 where every $50 is a tree planted by the Royal Forest Department of Thailand. The forest created will help conserve water from the rain which will supply their crops.


Donate Candles - Hurricane Sandy

Vance Kitira International headquarters in New Jersey donated candles from its warehouse to any storm victims in need. It is estimated that 750 candles were donated, distributing 500 on the roadside curb and another 250 to a nearby condo complex, a church, the town shelter and the emergency management office in Franklin Lakes, NJ. 


Read HAT article published about the donation. 


Tsunami Relief - Red Cross

in October of 2011, Thailand was hit with an unusually devasting Monsoon Season, causing catastrophic flooding that has not been seen in 60 years. 9 billion cubic meteres of water broke though dams which had reached capacity by rainfall (42% above average), causing families to evacuate, ten thousand factories shut and almost 700,000 jobs at risk. Vance Kitira had organized several events to raise funds to help our employees in Thailand rebuild their lives. 

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