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Foyer Co,. Ltd

Foyer is one of the largest flower material stores in Japan founded in 1982 and has partnered with Vance Kitira since 2010.  Japan put a great emphasis in their floral arrangement – Ikebana – and for many decades, Foyer has impressed their customers - wholesale florists and nationwide general stores - with ‘a product like no other’.  They also have a shop in Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Ota Flower Market, Japan's largest flower market. Their reason in choosing our candles to complement their stores has warranted that our Timber colors are naturally subscribed to flowers.

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Foyer Co. LTD

6F, TRC Center BLDG, 6-1-1, Heiwajima, Ota-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Zip Code 143-0006


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Candle House Kameyama imports and manufactures interior goods with ‘affluent lifestyle’.  Their partnerships with overseas brands have made them in a unique position in household goods market.  Founded in 1927, Candle House Kameyama has partnered with Vance Kitira in 2019.

Kameyama Co., Ltd


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Kameyama Co., Ltd.

4-25-12, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan  107-0062

+81 6 47989070

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