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Vance Kitira International is a wholesale distributor of handcrafted candles and home accessories. Founded in 1993 by a forester – Vance Kitira -, the company is driven by his inspiration for more than 20 years.

Drawing inspiration and spiritual growth from his native Thailand and energy with a sense of endless possibilities from his adopted country, the United States, Vance has created nature-inspired and nurtured products. He is always fascinated by the simplicity of Nature. His desire to capture that beauty is evidenced through his designs.


As of January 2021, Vance Kitira has entered a licensing partnership with Sullivans to do sales and distribution in North America. Vance Kitira’s team will continue designing the collection to ensure that Vance Kitira maintains its brand integrity. 


Please visit their contact page for more information on placing orders and sending inquiries. All orders will be shipped out of Sioux Falls, SD.

We thank you for your continued support.

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